Trailer Hitches and Receivers Trailer Hitch Receiver The most common type of trailer hitch, also refers to "bumper pull" hitches. The standard hitch is a piece of steel that will typically bolt to the vehicle frame. They have a wide variety of uses. The most common include: • Towing a trailer • Carrying a bike rack • Carrying a cargo carrier • use any of the hitch mounted accessory Trailer Hitch These types of hitches come several different styles, but the majority of them are designated into classes ranging from I to V. The classes provide a guide for the two most important aspects of a trailer hitch: weight capacity and receiver opening size. Trailer Hitch • Classes range from I to V • A "class" is a way of defining the weight rating and receiver opening size of a hitch • Hitches within the same class will have similar weight capacities • Designed for use with removable ball mounts • Custom built according to the vehicle manufacturer and model year to ensure perfect fit. • Most hitches bolt to the vehicle frame using existing holes • Towing capacities typically range from 1,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds • Construction is solid and, in most cases, all-welded for maximum strength and safety