Suspension Systems, Lifts & Lower Kits

The sky’s the limit when you go high-profile with your truck or SUV! Lift Kits push ground clearance and aggressive looks to new heights, letting you conquer on or off-road obstacles with confidence. Lift Kit Manufacturers make custom parts that will fit your specific truck to a “T” to give you the look that you’ve been waiting for.


JC's Customs offer every range of suspension systems available. Inlcuding:


• Leveling Kits

• Air Bags

• Supersprings

• Custom Wheels

• Lowering Kits


The Advantages of Lowered Suspension


Better aerodynamics. With a lowered suspension, there's less air going underneath the vehicle, and this can create a better outcome for wind drag on a car. That's why some sportier models sit a bit lower to the ground.

Improved traction and handling. In general, having the vehicle so low to the ground can increase the grip of the tires on the roadway and improve handling. However, this is not always the case, as lowering can in some instances cost handling issues.


Reduced rollover risk. When its center of gravity makes it a rollover risk, almost any vehicle benefits from lowering. The higher the vehicle sits, the easier it tips over.


Greater comfort. Some drivers report that they feel better with a lower suspension. Additional stiffness can be desired in a suspension, and this is one of the perks that some drivers mention after lowering their suspensions.



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